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Welcome to BBCo,
the Boring Bananas
Company TM

Our mission is simple, but not easy.

We're working To help onboard and empower the next generation of NFT creators and collectors.

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The BBCo NFT Collection

Where it all began...
We wanted to to create a cool quirky collectible to
• have some fun
• build in public and open source the project code
• bootstrap resource development for our

So we launched with a sale of 8888 programmatically generated digital bananas,
each their own unique set of characteristics.

And sold out in
47 minutes!

But why Bananas?
Because pickles were taken

Where we started

Our main roadmap items included donating money to charity and building resources for our community

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the basics
Donated $125 000 + to charity
Open sourced the entire project
Created educational content on how to launch an NFT collectible project
Created showrooms for our community members to use BoringBananas as a currency
but we were just getting started
Launched the NFT Dictionary
Got involved with some Weird Whales
- and helped a 12 year old
make $300 000
Launched our Project Stage to support new creators, and reward BBCo holders
Launched the BBCo Youtube channel     

Where we went

supporting our community
is important to us.

they're passionate about this space, and we're passionate about giving back to them.

6000 +

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8000 +

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number of ideas we have
We believe in this space, and we're planning to stick around

so where are we going,
you ask - meet the


the expansion of our creative universe.
and the beginnings of a media and entertainment franchise that do justice to the talent of our artists, and inspired by the sheer awesomeness of our community.

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and last but not least
- meet the team

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Executive manaagement

Founder & Head of Operations
Co-founder & Business Development Lead
Chief Executive Officer

Creative team

MadBoogie Creations
Creative Director and Chief Illustrator
Character concept artist
We're fortunate to work with some of the most talented artists in the world
But don't just take our word for it - here are some of the brands they work with on a regular basis

Technical expertise

Super Shadowy Coder
- anonymous
Technical Lead - Web development & Solidity
Technical Support
Educational Content Creation

Community managers

Community Manager
Community Moderator
Community Partnerships Liaison

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